Behind my teaching lies a motivation to help students discover the relationship between language and their lives. Language reveals much about who we are, what we know, where we come from, who we’re talking to, and what we want to communicate–even if we don’t really say any of those things. Through a blend of literature, cultural studies, foreign language pedagogy, and sociolinguistics, each of my courses addresses that idea.

My teaching and course development experience ranges from first- through sixth-semester German and first-year accelerated Swedish to introductory writing seminars on language and identity and language teaching and learning.

COURSES OFFERED (* denotes self-designed course)

Northeastern University
World Languages Center
Beginning German I and II*

NU Writing Program
First-Year Writing*
First-Year Writing for Multilingual Writers*

Vassar College
Department of German Studies
Writing Life: Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Biographies of East and West Germany* (6th+ semester German) course poster
Compelling Speech: German Conversational Skills* (4th+ semester German)  course poster
Turning a Phrase: Writing with Style in German* (5th+ semester German)  course poster
Lost in Translation? Writing the New Self in a Different Language (First-Year Writing Seminar)*  course poster
Beginning German I and II: Stories of Childhood (1st- and 2nd-semester German)
Intermediate German I: Identities in Contemporary Germany (3rd-semester German)

Department of Education
Foreign Language Teaching and Learning: Theory and Practice*   course poster  syllabus

University of Texas at Austin, Department of Germanic Studies
First-Year German I
First-Year German II
Accelerated Second-Year German
Accelerated First-Year Swedish

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Beginning German I
Intermediate German II: Special Topics: Austria