Links for students

Study Abroad – Want to study abroad and/or spend time in an intensive learning environment? There’s a program for that! This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, but it should get you started.

Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD

Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin International Summer program – FUBIS

Fulbright/Swiss Government Study/Research Awards

American Association of Teachers of German Summer Internship Program

Middlebury Language Schools



Teach English abroad:

Fulbright Academic Exchanges (Germany)

Fulbright Academic Exchanges (Austria)


Sites for German learning

Deutsch lernen mit Deutsche Welle (podcasts, online activities, news articles with accompanying vocabulary guides, videos, for German learners at all levels)

Kostenlos Deutsch online ├╝ben mit der Goethe-Institut (interactive activities, readings, videos, audio clips, for German learners at all levels)

Deutsch Perfekt Online (German-language news, written for German learners at all levels)

Nancy Thuleen (especially useful for extra grammar practice)

Slow German (a podcast for German learners, great for beginning and intermediate students)

Deutschlernerblog (many, many online resources for learners at all levels)


German language references

PONS Online German-English dictionary

Harper-Collins German-English dictionary

Duden (a German-German dictionary, thesaurus, and more)

DWDS (a German-German dictionary and text corpora; useful for advanced students seeking advice on usage)


Learn more about language(s), sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics

All Things Linguistic blog (Linguistic Society of America)

A Linguist Explains (The Toast)

Mind Your Languages (The Guardian)

Lingthusiasm podcast

That’s What They Say podcast