Educational Development



2019: Developer and facilitator, “Faculty Feedback for Multilingual Writers,” Teaching Network workshop series, Writing Program, Northeastern University
Offered research-based suggestions for giving feedback to English learners in all levels of writing classes (first-year writing and advanced writing) at Northeastern. Led discussion of research on feedback in second language writing and the implications of that research for classroom practices.

2018: Developer and facilitator, “Supporting English Language Learners Across Disciplines.” Pedagogy In Action Workshop at Vassar College.
Offered an interactive, two-day workshop for faculty in humanities and STEM disciplines in which participants developed strategies for working with English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classes and revised existing or created new teaching and learning materials that are ELL-friendly.

2017: Developer and facilitator, “Designing Effective and Meaningful L2 Reading Instruction.” Mellon Summer Pedagogy Workshop at the U of Chicago Language Center.
Offered five 75-minute, interactive sessions for groups of 4 to 12 secondary and post-secondary language teachers on designing second language reading activities around authentic materials. Facilitated discussions of challenges teachers encounter in locating materials and designing level-appropriate activities.

Work with graduate students

2013: Section head for Beginning German II, U of Texas at Austin.
Met weekly with graduate student instructors to discuss curricular objectives and upcoming assignments and activities. Designed assessment materials in collaboration with other instructors.

2013: Section head for Intensive Second Year German, U of Texas at Austin.
Worked with graduate student instructors and Director of Basic Language program to redesign reading texts and task-based writing assignments. Provided peer feedback on course materials and assessment tools, to be used in future semesters in improve course.

2012: Section head for Beginning German II, U of Texas.
Developed and introduced reading and culture assignments and monitored the implementation of these materials in each section, in collaboration with graduate student instructors. Created a demonstration video for future instructors who use this assignment.

2009-2010: Section head for Intermediate German II, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Met weekly with fellow graduate student instructor to design and edit course materials. Collaborated with peer instructor and Director of the Basic Language Program to create tests and quizzes.

Mentoring (selection)

2014-2018: Teaching Mentor to German Department Language Fellow, Vassar College.
Co-planned and co-led weekly lessons in Beginning German I and II. Provided feedback on aspects of language fellow’s teaching, including but not limited to lesson planning, classroom management, materials design, and grading.

2012-2013: Assistant Language Director, Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy.
Trained residential staff in basic teaching and classroom management techniques that they could use to implement the MMLA immersion curriculum. Evaluated and addressed student academic, behavioral, and emotional issues in cooperation with other staff members.

2013: Peer Mentor, U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies.
Worked with an M.A. student throughout one semester to plan lessons, design instructional materials, assess student work, and carry out regular course management and daily teaching. Provided constructive feedback on classroom teaching.

2012: Graduate Mentor, U of Texas, Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate School Mentorship Program.
Advised an undergraduate student interested in pursuing graduate studies in European Studies. Discussed topics pertaining to graduate student life, including professional development, and grant writing.


2016-2017: First-Year Writing Seminar assessment project, part of broader Middle States accreditation, Vassar College.
Established learning outcomes for first-year writing seminars across all disciplines. Developed rubric and grading criteria for student writing. Evaluated student work from beginning and end of semester to measure qualitative changes in student writing.

2012: German Major program assessment in Germanic Studies. U of Texas at Austin.
Used and revised assessment method to track students’ reading development at various points during the German major. Assessed reading exercises performed by students in upper-level German courses for inter-rater reliability testing.

Invited panelist at Talking about Teaching (Vassar College)

2017: “Implicit Bias in the Classroom.”
Provided strategies for identifying implicit bias in assessment of student writing, in a panel on implicit bias in the classroom. Facilitated faculty discussion on what to do on the classroom and institutional levels to identify and address faculty and student bias.

2017: “Supporting International Students and English Language Learners at Vassar.”
Offered research-based suggestions for small changes in teaching and curriculum design that make learning more accessible for English Language Learners (ELLs). Discussed how to help international students adjust to American academia and to daily life at Vassar College.

Experience supporting international students

2016-2018: Member of International Student Committee (Subcommittee of Committee for Inclusion and Excellence), Vassar College.
Investigated academic experiences of international and ELL students at Vassar, especially with regard to classroom and faculty interactions. Analyzed the results of a climate study among international students. Decided next course of action for improving campus climate for international/ELL students.



2018: CATLR Online Learning Inquiry Group, Northeastern University.

2018: First-Year Multilingual Writers Working Group, Northeastern University.

2017: Getting Started: Pre-Conference Workshop for New Faculty Developers. Two-day workshop that introduced participants to educational development, POD Network Annual Conference.

2017: Faculty Institute for Diversity: Train the Trainer. Three-day workshop on inclusive pedagogy in higher education, Cornell University.

2016: Dean’s Retreat on Inclusive Pedagogy with Marcia Chatelain (Georgetown University), Vassar College.

2015: Invited participant in DAAD-Fulbright Summer Academy for German Faculty.

2014-2018: Talking about Teaching roundtable, Vassar College.

2010: DAAD-sponsored workshop “German as a Foreign Language in the US: Foundations and Perspectives,” University of California at Berkeley.