Educational Development

2017: Workshop facilitator for “Designing Effective and Meaningful Second Language Reading Instruction.” Mellon Summer Pedagogy Workshop, University of Chicago.

2017: Attendee at 3-day Faculty Institute for Diversity Train the Trainer workshop on inclusive pedagogy, facilitated by Cornell University.

2017: Presenter in the Talking about Teaching series, a monthly event for faculty sponsored by Vassar’s Learning and Teaching Resource Center. Presentation: “What did you say? Making class accessible for English language learners.”

  • Offered research-based suggestions for teaching modifications that could help English Language Learners.
  • Participated in discussions on helping international students adjust to American academia and to daily life at Vassar College.

2016-present: Ad hoc member of International Student Committee at Vassar College, a subcommittee of the Committee for Inclusion and Excellence.

  • Investigated curricular experience of international and ELL students at Vassar, especially with regard to classroom and faculty interactions.
  • Analyzed the results of a climate study among international students.
  • Decided next course of action with regard to improving climate for international/ELL students at Vassar.

2016-2017: Participant in Freshman Writing Seminar assessment project, part of broader Middle States accreditation assessment

  • Identified learning outcomes for all freshman writing seminars at Vassar, regardless of discipline.
  • Established rubric and grading criteria for written assignments.
  • Used rubric to evaluate student work from beginning and end of semester to measure qualitative changes in student writing.

2014-present: Teaching Mentor to Departmental Language Fellow, Department of German Studies, Vassar College

  • Co-planned and co-led weekly lessons in Beginning German I and II
  • Provided feedback on aspects of language fellow’s teaching, including but not limited to lesson planning, classroom teaching, materials design, and grading

2013: Section Head for Beginning German II, U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies

  • Regularly met with graduate student instructors to discuss curricular objectives and upcoming assignments and activities.
  • Designed assessment materials in collaboration with other instructors.

2013: Section Head for Intensive Second-Year German, U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies

  • Worked with graduate student instructors and Director of Basic Language program to redesign reading texts and task-based writing assignments.
  • Provided feedback on course materials and assessment tools, to be used in future semesters in improve course.

2012: Section Head for Beginning German II, U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies

  • Developed and introduced reading and culture assignments and monitored the implementation of these materials in each section, in collaboration with graduate student instructors.
  • Created a demonstration video for future instructors who use this assignment.

2012: Materials Developer for educational outreach project: Uranium Madhouse’s production of Brecht’s A Man’s A Man ( U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies

  • Collaborated with faculty instructor and graduate student colleagues to develop website content as part of a seminar on curriculum design.
  • Created post-viewing activities and essay on interpretations of A Man’s A Man.

2012: Curriculum Developer for Beginning German II, U of Texas, Department of Germanic Studies

  • Collaborated with Germanic Studies faculty to locate authentic materials for reading tasks that included Harry Potter excerpts and additional thematically related German language texts.
  • Designed a holistic rubric for assessment of reading tasks based on critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, communicative ability, and task fulfillment.
  • Introduced instructors to curricular objectives, teaching materials, and rubric.

2012:  Assistant for upper-level program assessment in Germanic Studies.

  • Made suggestions for assessment method to track students’ progress through the German major.
  • Assessed reading exercises performed by students in upper-level German courses for inter-rater reliability testing.

2012, 2013: Assistant Language Director, Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy

  • Trained residential staff in basic teaching and classroom management techniques that they could use to implement the MMLA immersion curriculum.
  • Evaluated and addressed student academic, behavioral, and emotional issues in cooperation with other staff members.

2009-2010: Assistant Coordinator for content-based, intermediate German course on Austria. U of Illinois, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

  • Met weekly with another graduate student instructor to design and edit course materials.
  • Collaborated with other instructor and Director of the Basic Language Program to create tests and quizzes.

2009: Curriculum Developer for Intermediate German II, a content-based, fourth-semester German course on Austria, U of Illinois, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

  • Collaborated with Director of the Basic Language Program to locate appropriate authentic German language texts and videos, for a unit on classical and contemporary Austrian music.
  • Designed lesson plans and group activities to accompany new reading materials.